Jayabrata Das: The New Age Role Model of People

Jayabrata Das
2 min readAug 5, 2020


10th May 2025

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It gives me immense pleasure to write about Jayabrata Das who is popularly known as Joy to most people.

For a lot of India’s youngsters, he is an inspiration, a role model.

At a time when finding an honest, wise person to learn from is difficult, Joy has been a hope for millions of people worldwide.

His book ‘Dimensions of Life’ has inspired millions to live an inspired life and to contribute to the world.

He is writing in his blog (https://joyexcel.com/)for the last 7 years. He started writing in 2018 and today it is 2025. With more than 60000 visitors per month to his website and more than 50000 e-mail subscribers, he influences millions of people.

His weekly newsletter popularly known as ‘Insightful Letter’ is a great source of knowledge and wisdom.

He has won many awards and got recognition for his writings.

But that’s not all, he also is a professor of Chemistry and enjoys teaching students. He is a highly regarded teacher.

He is a perfect example of someone whom we used to call a guru in ancient times.

With his writing, online courses, books, and collaborations with other influencers he is bringing positive changes in the lives of people. And no doubt why more and more people are connecting with him day by day.

Joy says, his inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci who has mastered so many skills in his life. Now you know why this man is always keen to learn newer skills.

Apart from all these, he is also a fitness enthusiast, an avid reader, and a marathon runner. Already run in more than 50 marathons.

Along with these, he is managing his personal life perfectly. Heis a great husband. This is not what we are saying but his wife said to us.

I don’t know how to describe this amazing man. You can know him for his writings, his online courses, his teaching, his running, or his other personal skills. However you know him but there is one thing he always gives most importance and that is the contribution.

He says-

The sole purpose of learning skills or doing anything is to contribute, to provide value to people’s lives.”

I am very sure that more and more people will learn from him and take the right path in life.



Jayabrata Das

Hi, My name is Jayabrata Das, in short Joy. I am a lifelong learner, loves to explore and share with the world . Know more about me at joyexcel.com